DANCE FOR LIFE: Why your Child Benefits from Dancing

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

We‘re sure this won’t come as a surprise but the benefits of dance classes are endless. Not only does it help with physical fitness, flexibility and strength but it can do wonders for self-esteem and confidence too, which are invaluable life skills for your child.

1. Friends For Life

Group classes offer an opportunity for your little one to develop social skills and make new friends. Did you know Miss Amy and I danced together from the age of three years old?! Friends that dance together certainly do stay together!

2. Getting to Know Themselves

Not only is it fun but dancing gives a creative outlet for children to express their unique personality in a safe space: exploring, working through and expressing the feelings that sometimes can’t be expressed verbally. In time, our students discover their own personal style, and get to know themselves better which encourages a self-assuredness.

3. Unlock Their Confidence

Learning a new skill leads to a sense of achievement, whilst your child brushes up on their presentation and performance skills.

Dancers are often perceived as being confident, but actually it didn’t always start out this way and it’s certainly not a pre-requisite for learning dance. Being the type of child who would hide behind her Mum, there is no one who knows this better than me. Dancing as a child changed my life. Dance unlocked my smile, laughter and willingness to communicate with others…. for that, I am eternally grateful to my amazing dance teacher, Miss Lisa.

A lot of dancers who lack confidence or self-esteem gain it through dancing. Sometimes you have to ‘fake it til you make it’ and in doing so, eventually, the confidence that you practice in your classes or on stage often ends up filtering into your everyday life.