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"Ballet is a passion, an addiction, sometimes an obsession, a lifestyle, a discipline, an art. It is not a hobby..."


Little London Ballet Teachers are all professional dancers, who dedicated their entire childhoods to their passion of dance. we all grew up with our dance friends in theatre dressing rooms, preparing for our shows. We travelled up and down the country, and internationally to compete. we performed as children professionally, earnt places at the top London dance colleges, graduated and worked on the west end stage, and toured the world doing what we believe so strongly in. dance.


For some of our students, once per week isn't enough. dance is their life. it is who they are. and because we were those children growing up, we have created a programme to enable our future professional dancers to learn their craft, and thrive amongst the UK's top talent.


Our elite team students study the following genres with us, across 3 days per week:

  1. Classical Ballet

  2. Tap Dance

  3. Contemporary Modern Jazz

  4. Theatre-craft Dance (Showdance)

  5. Musical Theatre

We also recommend children add the additional three classes:

1. Acro-Dance

2. Strength & Stretch

3.Kicks, Turns & Leaps

Our Elite team classes are categorised by age and ability, beginning from reception year at school, and following through to when children leave us to attend university/college.

Elite team students take IDTA graded examinations in all of their studied genres. they perform in our showcases 2/3/4 times per year. Select students study private lessons with us, and compete in dance festivals. we have children who perform professionally in theatre, television and film, and perform in exclusive events internationally. 

Entry to the elite team is via successful parent/teacher interview only.


Elite Team Training 

Elite Dance Training
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