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"The Royal Ballet School is a leading force in classical ballet training. We are delighted to be part of it."


After a rigorous selection process, Miss Emma (our principal) was selected to be a Royal Ballet Affiliated Teacher. 


This means our students at LLB now have direct access to The Royal Ballet School's expertise, in brand new specialised classes, which will run as an enhancement to their current IDTA classical ballet training. 


Rooted in Pedagogy, based on educational best practise, this is a holistic approach which allows Miss Emma the autonomy to tailor classes to our student's physical, spiritual and intellectual needs. Ground breaking body conditioning and classical vocabulary methods are married together with repertoire exploration. This results in our students being given a full rounded appreciation for ballet as an art form, alongside the physicality which will aid them to meet the increasingly high standard of the dance industry today. 


The Royal Ballet School Affiliation classes classes will be meticulously planned and taught by Miss Emma personally, as she is now a Royal Ballet School Affiliated Teacher. As such, spaces will be limited to only 12 children per level, and are offered in addition to the IDTA syllabus classes.


What is the difference between the IDTA and The Royal Ballet School Affiliate classes?

The IDTA, a distinguished association, provides structured dance examinations taught from a scrupulously curated syllabus. These examinations are crafted to ensure a strong foundation in ballet technique, musicality and artistry. IDTA dance grades are OFQUAL registered and internationally recognised. IDTA syllabus classes break down the progressions which allow children to transform from pre-school ballet dancers into pre-professionals and beyond. These syllabus classes are based on traditional structure, which has served to train professional dancers in a systematic framework of the highest calibre for generations.


The Royal Ballet Affiliation classes should be seen to enhance and enrich the dancer's educational exploration and appreciation of classical ballet as an art form, whilst they build an association with arguably one of the leading centres of excellence in the world, The Royal Ballet School. Dancers benefit from bespoke student-centred lessons which are structured to enhance the individual's intellectual understanding alongside the physical development which is progressed through innovative, ground-breaking methodology. This is a high quality training for students and parents who seek to achieve excellence, and a system which allows its highly trained teachers (Miss Emma in this case) to adapt the standard ballet class format to allow for students to achieve their true potential. The Royal Ballet School's System of Training ensures students progress intellectually, physically and emotionally in a holistic pathway through enhanced body conditioning, classical vocabulary and repertoire study.


The Royal Ballet School Affiliate Students will continue to take their IDTA grades alongside their Royal Ballet School Assessments. 


About The Royal Ballet School

The Royal Ballet School is one of the world's greatest centres of classical ballet training which for generations has produced dancers and choreographers of international renown. From Margot Fonteyn, Antoinette Sibley, Anthony Dowell, Anya Linden, Darcy Bussell, Kenneth MacMillan and David Bintley, to a new generation currently making its mark on the world stage- Matthew Ball, Lauren Cuthbertson, Samara Downs, Francesca Hayward, Brandon Lawrence, Steven McRae, Delia Mathews, Vadim Muntagirov, Marianela Nuñez, Marcelino Sambé, Edward Watson and Christopher Wheeldon to name but a few.


The School's mission is to nurture, train and educate exceptional young dancers for The Royal Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet and other leading UK and international companies, and to inspire the future of classical ballet training. 


What are the benefits of Royal Ballet School Affiliated classes for LLB students?

In the classes, students:

  • Master classical ballet vocabulary and gain a strong technical foundation directly derived from The Royal Ballet School's System of Training.

  • Learn about ballet as an art form, appreciating and exploring repertoire. The programme has a direct link to the Royal Ballet Company so students have access to exclusive resources and opportunities at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

  • Grow their love for taking part in dance and for the art form as a whole.

  • Have access to The Royal Ballet School's expertise and therefore training of the highest quality. 

  • Learn “how” to learn, developing a set of skills they can apply to any subject in the future. 

  • Develop a growth mindset, so they can understand and meet challenges, learn to explore and experiment, grow in confidence and develop a positive, resilient mentality.

  • Have access to the specialised Royal Ballet healthcare team's innovative research and methods in developing fundamental strength and flexibility, so that our dancers acquire technique of the highest standard, in the safest way.

  • Have access to The Royal Ballet's repertoire specialists, making heritage and more recent classical and contemporary ballet works accessible and enjoyable for our young dancers. Dancers will learn to love and appreciate the rich repertoire which is part of our classical culture.

  • Have time for physical play and freedom to experiment with movement and choreography, developing a range of motor skills and co-ordination and enhancing physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Gain an understanding of different types and styles of movement, becoming more versatile and adaptable dancers.

  • Are included, championed and respected as individuals with different needs and attributes.

  • Are encouraged to express their individuality and emotions.


What does this new affiliation mean in practise for students/parents?

  • The affiliation classes are designed to enhance the dancer's current dance syllabus classes. Students who wish to be considered do so in the knowledge that this is an enhancement programme for children and parents who are passionate about classical ballet culture and development.

  • The students will be invited to partake in assessments which will be submitted to The Royal Ballet School, with students receiving certificates from The Royal Ballet School once they have successfully passed each level. These certifications will be highly regarded in the dance and academic world. 


Prerequisites for entry onto The Royal Ballet School Affiliated and Assessment Programme:


  • Must already attend and continue to attend their IDTA graded classes with Little London Ballet. This ensures the students have the technical foundations required to benefit from The Royal Ballet School System of Training.

  • Must have a passion for dance and a curiosity to explore the rich heritage of classical culture.

  • Must have a track record of good attendance in their LLB classes, and maintain this. 


  • Will appreciate the significance of this affiliation to such a globally recognised leader in dance training, and see this as an opportunity to enrich their child's education so that they are able to fully enjoy and appreciate classical heritage.

  • Will want their child to understand in greater depth the physicality of classical ballet performance, and be taught from foundations of excellence. 

  • Will appreciate the value of their child participating in Royal Ballet School Assessments, and receiving certificates detailing their progress and achievements, which will be particularly valuable for school and college/university applications.

  • Will appreciate the significance of this “stamp of approval”. And be even more secure in the knowledge that LLB are offering teaching of the highest standard, and teachers who invest in their development and the progress of their students.


Fees and duration of classes:

  • At this stage, all classes will be 1 hour in duration, for every level.

  • Fees will be £14 per hour, in line with our current fees. 

  • In line with The Royal Ballet's ethos in selecting children for their talent and potential regardless of personal circumstance, we wish to offer these enhancement classes on 100% scholarship for children from families who are in receipt of Universal Credit, and the household earns less than £14,000 per year; or in receipt of Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit, and the household earns less than £16,190 per year. 

  • We will require proof of the relevant Tax Credits being received before the scholarships can be activated on a termly basis.


Royal Ballet Affiliate classes have their own exclusive Royal Ballet School uniform. Please contact us directly to find out how to place your order.

The Royal Ballet School Affiliate Training & Assessment Programme

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